Welcome to the ArcSource OASIS Small Business and 8(a) IDIQ Portal

General Overview of One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS)

OASIS is a Best in Class (BIC), Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracting vehicle designed to address a full range of service requirements for Federal agencies that integrate multiple professional service disciplines and ancillary services/products. The services provided under OASIS are intended to meet the professional service mission requirements of all Federal agencies, including all organizations within the Department of Defense (DoD) and National Security Community. OASIS permits government customers to manage meeting small business goals, benefit from the Standardized Occupational Classification (SOC) labor categories, and from both the Direct and Assisted acquisition process.

Additional information about OASIS SB contracting vehicles can be found at the GSA OASIS Website.

ArcSource Services – Small Business (OASIS SB) Pool 1 and OASIS 8(a) SubPool 1 Contracts

ArcSource Group offers professional services across the range of core disciplines within the scope of the OASIS contracts:

  • Program Management
  • Management Consulting
  • Scientific
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Financial Management
  • Ancillary Information Technology Support
    • Information Technology is considered an ancillary support service or product on OASIS SB or OASIS 8(a) task orders and may be performed when the service or product is integral and necessary to complete a total integrated solution under a professional service-based requirement within the scope of OASIS SB and OASIS 8(a)

Within these core disciplines, ArcSource will support the scope of services that provide an integrated solution including but not limited to: Communication, Compliance, Defense, Disaster, Energy, Environmental, Financial, Health, Intelligence, Security, and Transportation.

ArcSource key contacts are below or you can email us at the following email addresses:

OASIS SB – ASG-OASIS@arcsourcegroup.com

OASIS 8(a) – ASG-OASIS-8A@arcsourcegroup.com

Key Personnel

Corporate OASIS SB and 8(a) Program Manager (COPM)
Kate Perry
Vice President and Program Manager
(410) 707-4115

Corporate OASIS SB and 8(a) Contract Manager (COCM)
Maria Paolino
Sr. Corporate Project Manager
(443) 929-0601

ArcSource DUNS Number: 118857205

ArcSource CAGE Number: 52RK7

OASIS Small Business (SB) Contract Number: 47QRAD20D1111 (Pool 1)
Period of Performance:   March 25, 2020 – December 19, 2024 with the cumulative term of all task orders placed under OASIS SB may span up to December 19, 2029

      OASIS SB Pool 1 Conformed Contract (Sections B through J) – PDF

OASIS 8(a) Contract Number: 47QRAD20D8103 (SubPool 1)

Period of Performance: April 29, 2020 – December 19, 2024 with the cumulative term of all task orders placed under OASIS SB may span up to December 19, 2029

      OASIS 8(a) SubPool 1 Conformed Contract (Sections B through J) – PDF

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