Our Approach

Our approach to any project begins with seeing the project from our customer’s perspective and becoming invested in their project goals.

Just as important is incorporating your business and strategy and considering critical tactical organizational goals. Accomplishing goals must meet defined business needs. Our approach permits our team to understand these needs so that we can help you articulate project expectations. We have standards for performance in place that allow our teams to proactively impact the outcomes of these critical project components.

Communication and Collaboration

Getting the job done not only requires knowledge and experience, it requires good communication and skillful collaboration. At ArcSource Group we:

  • Listen to our customers discuss their issues, opportunities and challenges. This process enables us to share insights and recommendations that may not have been considered.
  • Apply what we hear into the combined context of business need, funding, organizational relationships and operational constraints.
  • Define and clarify needs and goals based on priority, risk and customer satisfaction, and analyze how best to address problems and inefficiencies.
  • Produce measurable results by working with our customers, within their framework, to create a durable plan.​

Team Dynamics

Successful work doesn’t get done without an effective team and without providing that team with relevant, timely and consistent guidance. At ArcSource Group we:

  • Understand the value of proactively coaching people to successful outcomes. We firmly believe that most people want to be successful at what they do and take pride in being part of an organization that holds that belief.
  • Know that team members want their ideas to be heard. Our strongest performance has been the result of teamwork, where all members had an opportunity to contribute.
  • Recognize that people – whether employees or consultants – are one of our most important assets. People provide the knowledge that translates technology, tools and techniques into a needed product or service. It is the people who help determine if the requirements meet the business need, and if the deliverable meets the customer’s satisfaction. This perspective has earned ArcSource Group a high employee retention rate, and has permitted us to provide our customers with motivated professionals who share our values and work hard to help customers meet their goals.

Service Management

Quality service, and agreement on how that service will be managed, is a process of continuous improvement and consistent communication. At ArcSource Group we:

  • Embrace the philosophy that having the right people in the right seats, who know the importance of working well with others and communicating throughout every process, are the cornerstones to building excellent customer service.
  • Understand that, as with most successful results, the devil is in the details and it is the foundation set during the initial stages of the effort that leads to solid service and delivery that meets expectations.
  • Do not underestimate the value of anticipating need, while still watching the metrics. In many projects a balance must be struck between qualitative outcome and quantitative result. We are careful not to confuse what we measure with what the client actually wants. Understanding stakeholder expectations is one of the best tools to achieve that balance
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