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PIEE Risk Management

We need to help the client move from reactive issue response to proactive risk mitigation.”

Mission: Support the client with planning and implementing and organized, systematic risk management

process so they can address, communicate, and anticipate risks.

The PIEE is a DoD-wide complex and critical single-face application for the vendor community to submit and track invoices and receipt/acceptance documents over the Internet. The project supports more than 300,000 users and manages over 20 modules/applications within the site. ArcSource provides program management, technical, and functional support services to the Defense Logistic Agency’s (DLA) PIEE Program Management Office (PMO). The PMO had not implemented formal risk management processes which led to increased time spent on urgent, high priority issues and reduced time spent managing the program. ArcSource worked with the client to develop a Risk Management Plan and implementation strategy.  

The Challenge

  • The client did not have a formal Risk Management process to monitor and mitigate risks and issues for the program.
  • With a team of 25-30 people working seven task areas, the team was not always properly informed or aware of high priority issues until last minute, which resulted in stressful last-minute hasty planning.
  • Planning and implementing any new process, requires not only Government Leadership “buy in” but the entire PMO team would need to adopt and utilize the new Risk Management Process.

The Solution

  • Prepared and briefed a Risk Management Plan that efficiently identified, analyzed, mitigated, and monitored risks.
  • Implemented training and Brown Bag sessions on how to identify, report, and manage risks.
  • Identified roles and responsibilities.
  • Created a Risk Management Tracker that was updated and provided to the PMO Program Leadership weekly.
  • Facilitated monthly PMO team meetings to address all PIEE risks, ensuring the entire team is aware of the possible risks and any mitigation strategies.

The Results

  • Increased adoption of the new processes and better communication due to the client embracing a culture of risk management.
  • Improved ability to make data-driven decisions.
  • Increased time for planning and proactive work because PMO Program Leadership is aware of potential issues.
  • Reduced time spent responding to urgent issues.
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