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Air Force Medical Readiness

We need to improve the base knowledge of workshop attendees and reduce the time it takes to train.”

Mission: To provide ongoing training to Military Treatment Facilities in Support of Medical Readiness.

The Air Force Medical Readiness Agency (AFMRA) supports the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) by overseeing execution of the Air Force Surgeon General policies supporting expeditionary capabilities, readiness operations, and national security strategy. AFMS has a full-time force of about 40,000 military and civilian personnel who operate 76 military treatment facilities (MTFs) throughout the world and provide healthcare to approximately 2.6 million eligible beneficiaries. AFMRA hosts eight workshops per year in Frederick, Maryland for 20-25 participants each. Participants have varying levels of knowledge on the topics and are expected to train others based on information learned during the workshop.  AFMRA needed to improve knowledge retention and training consistency.

The Challenge

  • Training 1,500 personnel by workshop would take 7 years.
  • Presenters are Subject Matter Experts, not professional facilitators, and have challenges presenting to diversely-skilled audiences.
  • Our team noticed a gap in attendees’ base knowledge – some were already knowledgeable in the subject and were bored, while others had no knowledge and asked numerous questions or remained silent.
  • Attendees are then required to go back to their bases and train others. With such a large gap in attendee knowledge, ensuring accurate knowledge transfer is a challenge.

The Solution

  • PowerPoint can record screen presentations.
  • ArcSource tested PowerPoint recordings to ensure it would work for the client and stakeholders.
  • ArcSource recommended using the recording features in PowerPoint to record the presentations and store them on a secure site.
  • The recordings simulate receiving workshops directly from expert presenters.
  • The edited videos are available 24/7 to anyone with a CAC and internet access.
  • Prerequisite viewings prior to workshop attendance enable presenters to employ higher level strategies for relaying information, such as problem-solving activities.

The Results

  • Improved training consistency.
  • Increased knowledge retention.
  • Decreased travel and training costs.
  • 75% reduction in training time.
  • Increased interaction and engagement during workshops due to baseline knowledge established by pre-course videos.
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