Service Management

Quality service, and agreement on how that service will be managed, is a process of continuous improvement and consistent communication. We have standards for performance in place that allow our teams to proactively impact the outcomes of these critical project components.

At ArcSource Group we:

  • Embrace the philosophy that having the right people in the right seats, who know the importance of working well with others and communicating throughout every process, are the cornerstones to building excellent customer service.
  • Understand that, as with most successful results, the devil is in the details and it is the foundation set during the initial stages of the effort that leads to solid service and delivery that meets expectations.
  • Do not underestimate the value of anticipating need, while still watching the metrics. In many projects a balance must be struck between qualitative outcome and quantitative result. We are careful not to confuse what we measure with what the client actually wants. Understanding stakeholder expectations is one of the best tools to achieve that balance