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ArcSource Group, Inc.

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 Staffing & Support Services

Recruiting the best team members to meet your business needs.

Making sure that each team is staffed with the right professionals is the most critical component of successfully getting the job done.

ArcSource Group understands that there are many factors that contribute to assuring that each team member will have the skills, education, experience, temperament and the "right fit" to help your organization meet objectives. Our management team has more than 25 years of successfully hiring, training and coaching high-performing individuals who work well in cross-functional organizations, and are committed to the goals and the vision of their clients.

The bottom line is that every successful project starts with having the right resources. The keys to our staffing success include understanding each client’s needs and the environment in which our professionals will work. We use this framework to recruit talent who can quickly understand your organizational culture and become engaged in effectively working along-side your team and with your stakeholders. Our project placement, staff augmentation and administrative support services span a wide range of professional areas and, in many cases, our management team has performed the work themselves. Our staffing competency areas include:

  • program, project & risk management
  • operational process improvement
  • administrative support, facilitation, meeting and event planning
  • client engagement & customer service management
  • customer service & vendor management
  • technical writing & documentation management
  • training & user-centered training material
  • web site interface design & usability
  • application development & programming
  • policy interpretation & implementation
  • regulatory compliance, quality assurance & fraud detection

Our approach to our staffing success is simple: human resources – whether long term or short term – are your most important asset.